Castle EP

by Tito Mendoza

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released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Tito Mendoza Orlando, Florida

Hi. I am a singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Thanks for listening!

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Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors
Is this what you wanted from this cold, cold world?
I can't believe the lies I just heard.
I can't see past the smoke, in this dark, dark night
You tell yourself you're not worth it.
I'm here to tell you, you're dead wrong

Save yourself, you're beautiful
Don't regret, mistakes we made
The time is now, to realize
Take a breath, we will be alright

Don't let the magazines tell you what you want,
All the material dreams die in time.
So pick up the pieces of this broken glass,
We're gonna take it back tonight.
Track Name: Brother
Brother, tell me what you see
And brother, there's no need to hide it from me
Just give it to me straight, cause that's what I need

Brother, who'd you want to be
Brother, just be who you believe
So go and spread your wings, and feel all sorts of free

I'll hold you up when you're falling,
I'll hold you down as life goes its way,
You're not alone, when you feel it
so just remember what I say
Cause you're my brother, we bleed just the same

Brother, thanks for being you
And brother, just know you've got nothin' to prove
after all this time, I still feel the way I do
Track Name: Good Love
When I'm driving on that road again,
I'm by myself and I always feel alone
When it seems like I don't have a friend,
I'm miles away from what I really know

Then you came by and you rescued me
reminded me you'll never leave my side
It's never been so clear, I see it now,
With you I know I always feel alive

And it feels so good love x4
to be with you

It took a while for me to understand
that a lot of times I still don't really know
but stick with people that will hold your hand
through thick and thin, the good,bad, fast, and slow
Track Name: City
I've got cold, cold, runnin through my veins
and it's written on my face
I've got old, old, buildings on my brain
There's something about this place

This city is watching me,
every move I make,
every word I say,
every step I take

I'm gonna build you up, up
as you break me down
Aint it funny, that even all my fears
mean nothing. Nothing when you're near me
Track Name: On My Way
I'm floating away, I look into space
Get lost in the clouds, the stars, the moon, so high.
I feel your embrace, slow dancing in place
Get lost in you arms, you heart, your eyes, the way.

The way that you do,
The way that you move,
The way that we do,
The way that we groove

I'm fading away, on most of my days
Get lost in the truth, what's right, what's wrong, that game
But you let me inside, and you showed me what's right
Get lost in your light, your life, your love, the way

I'm on my way
Track Name: Still (DEMO)
I always gotta be somewhere, I always gotta be someone
I always gotta move aroun, I always gotta go and get things done

Why can't we sit still?x3
In the moments that we need to feel?

I always gotta be somewhere, I always gotta be someone
I always gotta look ahead, I always go out chasing the sun

Why can't we sit still?x3
In the moments that we need to feel?

I always gotta be somewhere, I always gotta be someone
I always gotta play the part, cause I'm just a non-stop chameleon

All the lonely, the happy, the don't know how I feels,
And all of the laughing, the crying, and everything in between,
All of the silence, and the awkwards, the I gotta get out of heres
And all of the comfort, and the lovin, oh I'm living the dream.